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INTRO: Zalee Harris "DBA" ZOPSmgmt Firm

ZOPSmgmt Firm - Is a Small Minority Woman Owned Business

Since 2005, I have been doing business as ZOPSmgmt Firm. ZOPSMGMT Firm is a minority woman owned small business that specializes in helping other small business in:

-  Project Management 

-  Self branding

-  Marketing 

-  Develop New Business Projects

-  Create Home-based Initiatives 

-  Network With Like-Minded Businesses 

BIO: Personal and Professional Experience

Zalee Harris, Owner ZOPSmgmt Firm

I am 62 years old. A native Texan, I've lived in Maryland for 35 years. I have been married to the same man for 31 years. Together we have six adult children, nine grandchildren, and after I recount them, I'll get back with you to let you know how many great-grandchildren we have.

I've been blessed to have held professional assignments from CAT-5 Telecom Technician, Sales Support Engineer, Operations Manager, Back Office Support Team Lead, and Sr. Project Manager in the Telecommunications  Industry. 

Nortel, Contel, US Telecom, CWA, and Cable & Wireless to name a few are the worldwide Fortune 50 Companies that employed me...until September 11, 2001 happened.

I spent a few years as a community advocate, an advocate against zip-code education, and gentrification. In the State of Maryland, I ran for local County Council in 1998 and for State Senator in 2004.

Concerned about the statistical data reported by the Center for Disease Control that exposed the number of STDs/STIs and HIV cases in teenagers and young adults between ages 12 and 25 in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, I wrote and was awarded a $3.5 Million Dollar five year Community-based Abstinence Education Grant (CBAE) that was funded and managed by the U.S. Health and Human Services from 2007 to 2010. ZOPSmgmt Firm initially implemented the CBAE Grant in two community churches in the state of Maryland; one in Prince George's County serving 300 school-aged children and the other in Baltimore City serving 300 school-aged students there.

Our ability to report, socialize, market, and present the importance of engaging students, parents, teachers, and community leaders in understanding sexual health and learning how to use that learned understanding to teach our children how not to destroy a friendship...helped brand our business name and reputation. 

Utilizing strong presentation and marketing skills, the ZOPSmgmt team of 28 talented and caring individuals had the tenacity neccesary to help move a community from mediocrity when dealing with teen pregnancy, STIs, and HIV to a movement started and led by me, the owner of ZOPSmgmt Firm.  

Having a team with specialized skills positioned us to be awarded the same grant when the Maryland Department Human Health and Mental Hygiene took over managing the federal CBAE Grants when the then President Obama transferred CBAE funding from the federal government to only those states with expressed interest in abating teen pregnancy and decreasing the horrific number of STD/STI and HIV cases. 

In 2010, ZOPSmgmt Firm stood ready to be recognized and awarded as the only organization with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to convert a CBAE Program and implement it into a Health Education Project for Public Schools when despite political disagreements and negative news reports.

On a $500,000 annual funded budget, I transformed my CBAE student mentors into middle and high school health and sex education Teacher's aides. As Teacher's aides, people that once mentored students by keeping them focused on their sexual health, all of a sudden found themselves teaching and assisting teachers to prepare lesson plans for how to "properly" teach abstinence education in Prince George’s County Public Schools - the second largest school district in the state of Maryland. 

ZOPSmgmt Firm exposed middle and high school students to an abstinence education that was not only fun, we engaged students and made it cool for a teenage male, female, homosexual, or lesbian to say "No, I'm saving my body for marriage".  ZOPSmgmt Firm was responsible for ordering, staging, and delivering student abstinence education booklets, teacher manuals, and resource materials to 107 schools, serving some 95,000 students. ZOPSmgmt Firm was the first minority woman owned business to be awarded a federal and state abstinence education grant in the state of Maryland. Click Here to download and read one such report submitted by the SIECUS.ORG  that (although negative), proved against all odds, me and my team was able to implement an abstinence until marriage education curriculum in the most sexually active school district in the mid-Atlantic region.  ZOPSmgmt Firm's Community-based Abstinence Education Grants highlights one of my greatest accomplishments and maybe my legacy.

Breast Cancer and Lymphedema in both arms left me disabled in 2014. I was no longer able to perform tasks I once could when I was a technician and Project Manager. I now have to research and closely vett any activities I get involved in. 

The Network Marketing and homebased businesses I am presenting here for your review do not require purchasing products, attending hip-hip-hooray meetings, and/or performing labor intensive tasks. 

I enjoy researching, reading, and writing. I enjoy working with people to help them market and brand their small or home-based businesses. I have used my project managent and team building skills to learn how to use social media to offer and promote amazing Business-2-Business Marketing Tools.

You will see that the services I provide through ZOPSmgmt Firm are not only easy to do, but require you to think and organize your life.

As your leader, rest assured that I will share learned information and smart social media features and usages to help you grow your team and your business. I hope you are willing to share your learnings to teach me some things.

I hope you learned enough about me for you to trust and believe that I am who I say I am about what I've done. I will do what I say I will do.

Please check out the services I have to offer and contact me with any questions you have about any  service offering listed on this website.

Call me at 301-894-0750

Feel free to call me anytime. Please leave your name, purpose of call, best time I can call you, and your telephone number. I will call you back right away! 

Thank You for stopping by to visit my HOME PAGE

Service and Reliability

Business Development, online marketing, direct mail

Any client or customer that partners with me or that does business with my firm, can expect to receive excellent leadership and support directly from me. 

Call me at 301-894-0750


Impact Mailing Club - Direct Mailing

Direct Marketing; Online Marketing; New Business; Home-based business; U.S. Postal Mail; Stamps.

I am a newly licensed reseller and DIAMOND member of the Impact Mailing Club.

Impact Mailing Club is a network marketing home-based business.

If you can stuff an envelope and stick a stamp on it, not only will what I am presenting you will work for you, but depending on the level of effort you put into it, you could receive between $65 and $1000 often.

How does the Impact Mailing Club Work?

WHEN YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF MY IMPACT MAILING CLUB… using the attached enrollment form, please select from ONE of FOUR IMC MEMBERSHIPS and follow the enrollment instructions:  Emerald at $100 + 2 Books of U.S. Postal Stamps (you’ll receive a digital IMC Welcome Package and 100 mailing leads); Ruby at $250 + 4 Books of U.S. Postal Stamps (you’ll receive a digital IMC Welcome Package and 200 mailing leads); Sapphire at $500 + 4 Books of U.S. Postal Stamps (you’ll receive a digital IMC Welcome Package and 400 mailing leads will be mailed to you); and Diamond at $2000 + 5 Books of U.S. Postal Stamps (IMC will mail you an IMC Welcome Package and 1000 mailing leads). 

This Impact Mailing Club is a family owned business. We are currently available in the United States, all U.S. Territories, and throughout Canada. IMC Memberships and documentation are available in Spanish. This IMC opportunity is perfect for middle, high school, college students and their teachers, retirees, stay at home parents, and anyone seeking to make extra money.

Just in case you are thinking this Impact Mailing Club is not for you because you have all that you can handle with your current business, joining my team as an Emerald, you have an opportunity to purchase names and addresses of people all over the US and Canada.  These addresses will be prepared for you on peel off labels enabling you the ability to market your current business to new people. Oh by the way, IMC will replace every returned address with a new one.

Feel free to contact me so that I can provide more detail about how this new wonderful opportunity is changing so many lives.

With the holidays upon us, I know you, your team, and your family could use any amount of money you can legally obtain; me too! I look forward to you being a member of my IMC team. 


Call me at 301-894-0750

ZBLACKCARD - PrePaid MasterCard - With Benefits

My ZBlack Card is made of Steel

Card Features:

- A Stainless Steel Credit Card

- Is an absolute REAL CREDIT CARD backed by the FDIC

- Use Anywhere You can use a Debt Card

- Makes your money more accessible

- Can be used for online shopping - protects your bank debit's card

- Great for each family member - money available instantly no need for Cash App

- Free online banking - easy connection to your bank

- Lots of Rewards and Discounts 

- FDIC Insured for up to $250,000.00

- Is really fun and cool to use

- Allows you to increase your income

- No late fees

- No fees to transfer money

- No Overdraft Fees

- Free Teller Withdrawals 

- No ATM Fees at 70K ATMs

- No Point of Sale Fees

- No Balance Inquiry Fees

- No Fee to replace lost card

- No Fee for Paper Statements

- No Loading Feed

- No Customer Service Fees

- No Bill Pay Fees

Call me at 301-894-0750

vCard Global - Your one-stop Online Business Card, Resume, or Customized Corporate Profile


What is vCard Global and why you should not hesitate to spend $69 a year for it?

Firstly, vCard Global is available in any country in the world in any language.

Secondly, vCard Global offers a Free and Premium Global vCards.

Thirdly, vCard Global saves you hundreds of dollars in printing and reprinting, and editing costs.

Fourthly, when you share vCard Global with others, like I am doing here with you, you can create an awesome online website/business vCard for free. You are notified that someone created a vCard. You get a chance to meet and communicate with new people from all over the world.

vCard Global is your feature rich website, your online resume, your online shopping cart, your online real estate portal, housing for your all your videos, your online business card and presentation, slide show for any industry, cause, or family need. You can to post downloadable files such as PowerPoints, Invitations, PDFs, WORD DOCs, Pictures, Coupons, Brochures, Flyers, etc...

For $69 a year, vCard Global makes available any unique feature you might need to use for your vCard Global website.

Simply put, if you have a smart phone (Andriod or Apple) you need vCard Global's, Smart Mobile Contact Manager App and you need this Smart Business Card. Whether you are promoting a business (of any industry), an advocacy/cause, or just having fun. Whether you want to make money or you want to organize a group of friends/contacts, vCard Global is a must have. 

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention...vCard Global this is a GLOBAL business opportunity. vCard Global is available anywhere in the world! If you are a Premium vCard Global owner, you will receive a referral fee of $20 every time you refer someone that becomes a Premium vCard Global owner.  You will receive $10 for each additional vCard that the Premium Member adds.

Below is a small list of features for the FREE vCard Global vCard:

  1. One Click Call Buttons
  2. One Click Text Me Buttons
  3. One Click Map button
  4. Integrate All of your Social Media sites to your vCard Global website 
  5. Video Integration 
  6. Slideshows
  7. Send it via a Text Message.
  8. Put it on your Email Signature.
  9. Put it on Brochures, Signs and Marketing materials.
  10. You are assigned a QR Code.
  11. Download and use vCard Global Mobile App.
  12. Track your contacts and business,  exchange contacts, and edit your vCard with your vCard Global Smart Phone App.
  13. With vCard Global, your business card will never be lost or discarded.
  14. All you will ever need is one business card.
  15. Keep one business card your entire career.
  16. Make vCard Global your personal and professional online resume.
  17. Organize your contacts with the vCard Mobile APP (Example: Create Categories.)
  18. Give an instant sales presentation anywhere in the world.
  19. Make your online vCard Global your email signature.
  20. Add your online vCard Global to your web page.
  21. If you have paper business cards, use your vCard website as your business website.

Features for vCard Global Premium:

For $69 a year, vCard Global is your one-stop business card, resume, and website for personal or small business marketing.

NOTE: Prices vary for customizing large corporate plans.

To access the following premium features, please upgrade to vCard Global Premium Plan you get all Features from vCard Basic (FREE) Plus:

  1. You can create an online store and a product presentation for any business in any industry.
  2. Aggregate Your Social Media Profiles
  3. Photos and Galleries
  4. Video Embedding
  5. Add, Update and Format Text
  6. Create Coupons and Specials
  7. Add Documents that can be Downloaded such as Brochures, Files, and Forms
  8. Add a calendar and sync it to other calendar apps
  9. Create an Online Store complete with a Shopping Cart.
  10.  RSVP Events to your Calendar
  11. Create and Manage Specific QR Codes Campaigns 
  12. Unlimited Web Pages
  13. Contact Forms For Lead Generation
  14. Use Search Engine Optimization tools and Visitor Analytics
  15. Add, Update, and Format Text
  16. Add an Event and RSVP
  17. Aggregate Important Links to websites, online stores, books for sale, charities you support, real estate listings, portfolios, online schedulers and much more....

It is easy to share your vCard Global vCard. Here are some tips:


  1. Keep your Phone Numbers and Email, Career, and Business Changes up to date. 
  2. vCard Global's Mobile Business Card Will Always Be Up-to-Date With Your Latest Contact Information!
  3. Add your vCard Global web site URL to everything you do communicate with others from online to print media.

NOTE: If you were with vCard Global in 2016, you only need to login to locate your FREE vCard, upgrade and resume use.

There are so many innovative ways you can use vCard Global, I do not have space on this web site to list them all.  No where can you obtain a free domain, website, storage space, and features that are ready made to promote your marketing project. No where can you obtain Google Web Management features, corporate style website algorithms, and all the Microsoft Web 360 applications that you'll ever need for $69 a year with no monthly fees!

You only have to imagine.

I would be happy to help you with your Card Global Project. 

Call me at 301-894-0750

EZ WEALTH SOLUTIONS - I Will Pay It forward. To Help You Start-Up A Business!


I'm giving away "FREE" LEVEL #1 POSITIONS...A $47 Value!

I Am So Confident You Will Make Money With Our Proprietary Pay Plan, That      I Will Give You A FREE Level #1 Position ($47)!

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